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Ecom Services Shopify developers Sri Lanka is specialised e-commerce consultancy for brands and entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their businesses in the online world and reach the next level.


Our vision is to help business and entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce, to successfully establish their online retail setups. Seeing that most entrepreneurs who are not from IT backgrounds tend to be skeptical of moving into e-commerce without the correct consultancy, investment or technical advice, Ecom Services Shopify developers set out to deliver this much needed service.

Shopify Developers

Ecom Services Shopify developers were founded by a group of digitally savvy e-commerce experts who identified a gap in the market for specialised ecom services, with the recent explosion of the global online retail sector. Powered by this dedicated team of professionals, plus leading Shopify developers and partners, Ecom Services Shopify developers consultancy is able to develop any idea, product or service brand into a highly functional website or a multi-channel digital marketing solution. 

Current Status



E-Com services has successfully completed more than 300+projects ,among them we're happy to find more than 250+ satisfied merchants.We're glad to serve you steadily/continuosly our service more over.



Every day there is a new challenge. Thus we are keeping our strengths high and complete all the projects. Luckily we have completed an immense number of projects almost 300+ and ready to serve you further soon with our services.



Many people who don’t come to an IT background are finding it challenging to handle such problems. So, to solve their queries, Ecom Services is there to help. Besides, at the moment handling with 50+ ongoing projects.



Not only in their own country but people from whole over the world are taking advantage of their services. 100+ International merchants are already benefiting their businesses using Ecom Services.

Whatsapp : +94 77 056686

O U R    V I S I O N

Our vision is to help business and entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce, to successfully establish their online retail setups.

Our Journey


Started by a group of digitally savvy e-commerce experts with a vision to help businesses and entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce, successfully establish their online retail setups.


Authorized by Shopify as official shopify experts in order to provide Shopify solutions to their merchants


We developed a fully featured middleware application to connect any payment gateway to shopify. With this app we were able to help merchants connect their local bank to shopify directly. 


Built a town based shipping rate calculation app for shopify in order to  provide shipping rates to customers who are based in countries that do not provide postal codes.  From this application we were able to shipping calculation for the countries who doesn't use postal codes with their towns.


Connected our middleware app with Maldives Bank IPG to serve merchants in Maldives.

Partnered with Frimi to provide Frimi virtual voulet integrations to Shopify.
This service is available for FOC to any shopify merchant.

Partnered with WEBXPAY in order to integrate their IPG solutions with shopify. This service is available for FOC any shopify merchant.


Webinar on  “How Retailers Can Embrace E-commerce for Covid-19 & Beyond”



The webinar was done as a CSR project in order to educate the local communities on how to overcome the challenges created by the current covid pandemic. This was held as a collaboration between the Shopify and Industry experts.
It was the first shopify event held in Srilanka.


Credit Card Promo Shopify Integration


Credit card discount promos are  most popular in the market.

At the moment this feature is not available in the shopify and we came up with a solution to overcome this

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