E-Commerce has become the most significant business option. With the increasing demand for online purchasing, every businessman would like to have an online store. As  a result, many kinds of e commerce platforms have emerged. Before you opt for an e commerce business, you have to choose the right platform for that. Among all the other platforms, Shopify platform is well-known as a platform that provides the opportunity to focus on business rather than technical issues. In here, we will review the benefits of Shopify platform.

Easy to set up

Shopify can be set up easily without any fuss. Businessman does not need to worry about technicalities at all. The platform offers both the software and interface for the online store. Both the admin interface and user interface are very user-friendly. Addition to that, it is very economical too. If you use open-source platform, it only cost a little. But, to get par with Shopify, you would need professional help. So the best option is Shopify. But you should pay a monthly rental and some other transaction fees. The add-on feature offers functions from time to time. You need to pay for these.

Convenient to use

The main strength of Shopify is its simplicity. You can customise the front end as you want. It provides tons of free and paid themes for you to choose from. The interface is very clean and cut.So it can be easily understood. Shopify has the ability to customise most of the functions. Such as, changing product details, handling orders and shipping, payment options etc. Having many customisable functions can be one of the many benefits of Shopify. But, as this platform is optimised for selling products, it may not be able to provide rich content management. Which means, you can not include content like videos or carousel.

Higher security and reliability

An online store involves with confidential information of customers. So it needs to be secure and reliable and always available. Shopify has people monitoring for 24/7 as it is a global hosted platform. So the security and reliability is at its best. Shopify takes care of both maintenance and upgrades. So you do not need to worry at all. You can enable SSL certificates and PCI compliance in Shopify platform. This can be very important when accepting credit cards and handling sensitive information.

Great loading speed

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With the advantage of having strong infrastructure and optimised hardware and software, website can be loaded very fast.  This can be one of the main benefits of Shopify platform.

Excellent customer support

Shopify has a customer support team available 24/7 via every kind of media channel. Be it through telephone, email, live chat or social media, blogs they are available.

App store provided by the Shopify platform

One of the main benefits of Shopify is its app store. Shopify works on SaaS model. It takes care of your every kind of need. It has app for many features including inquiry, customer loyalty, shipping, marketing, accounting. You can add features through this without the assistance of a professional.

Marketing tools of Shopify platform

Shopify has many inbuilt marketing tools. It has a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) feature. It helps your website to be in top-tier of search engine results. Beside it, Shopify marketing tools includes with gift cards, coupons, email marketing, product reviews, social media integration and etc. In addition to these points, being mobile responsive, add-ons, providing detailed reports, providing its own payment gateway are some other advantages of Shopify platform. 

Being mobile responsive

The number of online purchases through mobile phones is rapidly increasing. It is one of the benefits of Shopify to be mobile responsive making it very convenient. Shopify has a free in-built mobile commerce shopping cart. There are free iPhone and Android apps available to use for managing the store.

Abandoned cart recovery function

Over two thirds of customers abandon their cart. One of benefits of Shopify is to track them and email potential customers. It reminds customers to continue their checkout process. This may help you to increase the revenue.

Our own payment gateway

Shopify has integrated with many other payment gateways. But one of the benefits of Shopify is, it offers its own payment gateway. It does not require to use merchant account. Addition to that, using this will not need any transaction fee and lower credit card fees.  If you are planning to use Shopify at the beginning and migrate to another later, it would  not be easy. Shopify is a hosted solution. So the data and the website is not entirely yours. So, you have to comply with any fee structure or policy they decide. Because of this, you have to decide your plan prior to starting your business.


February 2024


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