Tips For Shopify Product Descriptions in Shopify Store

It’s a common mistake among even professional copywriters.They write product descriptions that just describe the Shopify products and nothing more.

Why is this wrong?
Because product descriptions ought to sell products and not just describe them.

Are there ways to correct such mistakes?

Let’s take a quick look at 5 simple tips for writing Shopify product descriptions that sell.

1.Focusing On The Ideal Buyer
Your descriptions become ineffective when they are written with a large crowd of buyers in mind.You may miss the point.

The fact is that the best Shopify products descriptions are addressed to your ideal buyers personally and directly.You put yourself in their shoes.You endeavor to ask and answer relevant questions as if you are having a sale conversation with them.

You carefully choose the words your ideal buyers use.
Consider how you would likely speak to an ideal buyer face-to-face in a store.Try and adopt this conversational language and tone in efforts to sell products online.

2.Enticing With Benefits
We,as sellers,tend to get too much excited with features and specifications.We are easily carried away by the thoughts of our website,blog,company,and products.

However,potential customers aren’t so concerned about mundane specs and features.They rather want to know what values the features will give them.They want value for their money.This is why you must highlight and emphasize the different benefits of each special feature.

Consider how your product will make the customers feel healthier,happier,and more productive.Identify the glitches and problems your products can help users solve and tell them.

Sell your invaluable experience,don’t just sell a product.

3.Appealing to Your Customers’ Imagination
It has been scientifically proven that if a person holds a product in hand,the desire to possess it increases.

But you’re an online seller ,and your site visitors can’t hold the products.This is why you need to optimize your site for visitors to clearly see the product pictures.Videos and clear pictures can help.Also,there’s a copywriting method of increasing desire-letting your readers imagine what it’d be like to have your products.

4.Cutting Through Rational Thinking Barriers with a Mini-Story
Putting a mini-story in your product description will help lower rational thinking barriers as against persuasion.In other words,your readers easily forget they are being persuaded to buy a product.

5.Seduce With Sensory Words
The best restaurants have discovered that sensory words help increase sales.This is because these words and phrases engage our reasoning faculty.

Adjectives can be very tricky words.You may think that they add no extra meaning to your descriptions.However,some sensory adjectives are powerful enough to make readers experience the sale copy while merely reading.

Finally,all these and more useful tips can be applied to write quality descriptions that sell more Shopify products.