In the realm of marketing strategies, encompassing emails, social media, advertising, and events is standard practice. However, a single mention in the press has the potential to catapult your business to the next level. But how can you leverage a press release not only to raise awareness but also to attract visitors and inspire them to shop on your Australian site?

Before delving into the details, let’s establish what a press release is.

A press release is a document designed to convey a newsworthy message about your brand, crafted in a way that entices the media to cover it. It provides all the necessary information a reporter or editor would need.

So, when and what can you announce through a press release?

  • Launching a new business, product line, or service
  • Holding a substantial contest or competition
  • Partnering with a charity, community organization, or celebrity
  • Hosting an event
  • Winning an award
  • Sharing a customer success story
  • Announcing a merger or acquisition
  • Rebranding your business
  • Promoting or hiring a new executive

For your story to be press-worthy, it must be timely and resonate with a broad audience. Research current interests, and if there’s a connection between your business and trending topics, seize the opportunity for media coverage.

What can you gain from a press release?

  • Cost-Effective Marketing: A highly budget-friendly method, particularly advantageous for startups with limited financial resources.
  • Backlinks and Web Traffic: Incorporating backlinks in your press release can lead prospects to visit your site, enhancing your online visibility.
  • SEO Boost: Press releases contribute to improved search engine optimization (SEO), bolstering your online presence.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Displaying press releases on your site enhances your professional image, providing visitors with insights and references.

Now, how do you write an eye-catching article?

  • Find a Newsworthy Angle: Capture the journalist’s interest by presenting an angle that aligns with their readers’ interests.
  • Craft an Appealing Headline: Summarize the main point of your release in a clear and compelling headline.
  • Engaging Introduction: Answer the who, what, when, where, and why questions in the opening paragraph to captivate the reporter’s attention.
  • Support with Testimonials and Data: Strengthen your release with testimonials, statistics, research details, and case study excerpts.
  • Summarize and Call to Action: Provide a concise summary, including a call to action and details directing readers to your site.
  • Company Background and Overview: Offer a brief background and overview of your company, complete with contact information.
  • Bring Your Release to Life: Add details and colorful quotes to make your release engaging and credible. Use social proof, such as customer reviews, to bolster your authority.

Once your press release is ready, distribution is key. Identify media outlets relevant to your Australian audience and send your release directly to them via email. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional to write and distribute the press release on your behalf.

While a press release doesn’t guarantee coverage, it remains a potent marketing tool. The unpredictability of when journalists might be seeking a source in your industry means that your well-crafted release could be the key to a future interview. Embrace the power of press releases to elevate your Australian business to new heights.


May 2024


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